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Free Initial Consultation

Before every session there will be a 20 min consultation to discover the issues you are experiencing. As we do that, we can move forward with a solution and heal your body.

Injury Rehabilitation and Kinesiology

Whether it's muscle pain, injury rehab, prevention or wellness, we have a service for you!Book now to experience an integrative approach to your health.

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Stress and Tension Therapeutic Massage

Experiencing any form of tight muscles? Stress or stiffness on your body that prevents you from experiencing life at its fullest? When you meet with one of the CANNDID Specialists we can discuss what you are experiencing and give the necessary treatment plan to help you heal and get back to living your life at your best.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Muscle strengthening or rehabilitation is a process that helps to recover the motor qualities of the muscles when they have been weakened due to illness, injury, temporary immobilization, etc. to restore its normal state

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Kinesiology Bandaging/Taping

At Canndid we use Banding to help maintain the recovery of your body while simultaneously fixing the issue you are currently experiencing. We also have 100% Hemp bandages.

Therapeutic Massage

Soft tissue manipulation whose main purpose is to relieve discomfort in different parts of the body, caused by various factors such as trauma, poor posture, stress, among others.


Lymphatic Dreinage 

Lymphatic drainage is often used as a treatment for problems with fluid retention, aesthetics, and edema, but it has also become very important in immune system problems.

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