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Natural Therapy

Our integrative health care approach. At Canndid we tackle healthy living with a unique dynamic. We want each of our clients to experience a different way to heal. This is done by healing you from within to let your inner confidence show. 

Free Nutrition/Homeopathy Consoltation

Before every session we will discuss your goals and how we can guide you towards them. This will allow us to recommend you to the type of service you need and have the best experience.

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Your body is your most powerful asset. Nature is your greatest tool to use to reach new heights for your body.  At CANNDID we practice using natural based medicine like plants and minerals to promote a new way of healing. This is a great alternative or complement to modern medical treatments.

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Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plans are created with quality food choices in mind rather than the amount of food one consumes. We create a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your goals and achieve long term weight lost and ever lasting results.



Biomagnetism helps balance your PH levels in your body. This service involves the use of specialized magnets to activate magnetic field in your body to detect potential health problems and imbalances and fix or prevent issues you are experiencing.

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